Thursday, May 17, 2012

what trickster said

all law springs from lawlessness
all order springs from discontent

it's a double hook
and there's a policeman in my head

paid from the rich man's pocket
to keep the poor man's politics

from spilling over the dam


Jon said...

A poem for Linda Hennebury in thanks for her inspiring words:

"For what money is worth, it's not worth destroying what little heritage we have."

Harlequin said...

inspiring words, indeed.
the trickster will hopefully help you keep your edge.
it's a good edge.

manik sharma said...

Well said by her...As far as humans go nothing will ever be enough....nothing...

occupier said...

Thanks for your vision. People need people like you.

Lynn said...

Well spoke!

Jon, there is a cricket, I think, on a purple sage flower on my blog today, I dedicate him to you!