Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Water or Stone

What if there were stone and no water?
What if there were water and no rock?
What silence is this
where the conversation ends,
the cliff face begins
and only the babble of the beach
rocks is heard by the seeming sea?


Leah Ennis said...

Guess not much ocean up there. I did the hike up Signal Hill today with Sami. Sometimes you forget how beautiful it is here and how being next to the ocean actually does make you feel better. Wish I could send some of that up to you.

WaxingGrassHoppeR said...

but then there would be water and not stone

Nikky said...

Newfoundland is a rock in the water.

WaxingGrassHoppeR said...

so what's the answer?
water or stone?
babble or stay?