Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Room of Dreams

It's one of those dreams
you realize you're dreaming
and you're a step ahead of the tour,
creating the space and time.

A castle of domes
built in layers
sitting in the clouds
and the sun.

The room of crystals,
prisms refracting light
like a million rainbows
so the floor isn't there.

The room of rain on the left,
but I've not brought my umbrella
so let's continue down this passage
and through that small arch.

Notice how the ice inside
has only now melted
and we've got to squeeze around
to get into the room.

Red clay and beach-glass,
the sound of the sea.
The feeling of home and comfort
of family and friends long gone,

and a portrait size mirror on the wall
in which you can see yourself wither
every day when you wake up
and forget how to dream.


BBC said...

Ah, it's a dream that took me to where I live now. And I have been on a strange journey since. But it is a journey and I have no idea where and when it will end.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy paths.

Hopper said...

BBC:thank you for visiting mine... your words (even the vulgar ones) come from the heart... and there's no better kind... love your perspective...

Anonymous said...

This is a very strong poem. The close quite unexpected. Nicely done.

John O'D

Hopper said...

John-- well thanks... i'm not sure how much i like it myself... more like a work in progress... i'm trying to come up with another stanza...