Saturday, December 6, 2008



1 + 1 = 2
this is called deja vu

what do you think
are you reading this new

or have you been here


# of funerals you've attended
# of weddings you've attended
is a function of your indifference


( your age x 1.5 ) - 7 = oldest age of lovers you should take


the time it takes a space spider to spin its web is inversely proportional to the reason the ocean bleeds roses in April


happiness divided by regret is ignorance squared


greed to the power of power is insanity
and also equals money
(which we know from previous proofs to be the root of all evil)


surface area of covers you steal


surface area of the bed you usurp


time you spend in the doghouse


twice nothing is nothing


hope + fear + sun + trees + alone + houses + books + helping + guilt + boldness + self-deprecation + moonlight + childhood + water + writing + perhaps + running + fall + bees + hardwood floors + legs + variety + watermelon + forts in the woods + tears + screaming from the rooftops + coffee + cormorant + freshly cut grass + oranges + doubt + friendship + wind + learning + losing + crawling in the gutters + when it all first came crashing down + sugar + work + what we most want + what was before we remember + all those things that will remain unknown = life



***which is to say that I am in everything and everything is also in me***


The shortest distance between two points is a writer and a beer.


a dessert often served with ice cream and coming in forms such as pumpkin, hoof, rhubarb, blackberry, entrails, cream of toast, etc. is
3.14159265358979323846... (but I can't tell you why)


1, 2, 3, 4
who's opinion matters more?

2, 4, 6, 8
whose do we appreciate?

not others (CLAP! CLAP!)
not others (CLAP! CLAP!)




in the end
everything will be OK

people do whatever they have to do in order to make themselves happy

because if it isn't OK
then it's not the end


your greatest joy is equivalent to your greatest sorrow


the only thing less than your time is the time you don't take listening to other


life = love = life = love = life = love = life = love = life = love ...


Fern said...

I wish you had been my math teacher in high school.

Lynn said...

I'm terrible at math, but I enjoyed reading all of these equations! It's also just nice to see your name pop up in my blogs to visit! I've missed you here.

human being said...

wow... great work! have always loved math and seen it as a version of life...

now you have infinite possibilities to build a world...

BBC said...

Speaking of math, the cosmos has no use for it. Just the monkeys use it to try to make sense of all that is.

But not all things can be proved with math, like spirit.

Echo said...

All these equasions seem to equal ego. Now for a set that encompasses reality? But, what is that?
Thought provoking your math is.

Derliwall said...

"because if it isn't Ok
then it's not the end"

The formula of hope built on the logic of tears...

human being said...

'greed to the power of power is insanity
and also equals money
(which we know from previous proofs to be the root of all evil)'

something reminded me of this... came to read it once more... in fact i read all of them... and enjoyed...

then i thought i should thank you again...
BTW, you are missed...

be well and thriving...

studio lolo said...

These are wonderful! It's easy to see though, how some folks come up with different equations. If they fail math, do they fail life?

My favorite is "happiness divided by regret is ignorance squared."
Well, one of my favorites.

Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed your visit.

Cestandrea said...

Wow! I love your maths! Would have liked you to be my maths teacher in school, then the world would have been clearer to me:)