Friday, January 16, 2009

I'd almost forgotten about it until the other day.
When it came it was bubble wrapped and taped,
The tinsel and ribbon poking out through the gaps.
As the UPS guy handed it to me it rattled,

Something inside gave way and the package shifted,
The sound of broken glass. Forget how much you don't want this,
Forget that you should run out into the streets,
Heave it into the air! "It must must have been damaged

In transport," he said. "Hope it wasn't anything important."
He turned and walked away, smug in his assurance
It was delivered as it had been packaged.
The card was stapled on the outside.


Fern said...


Hopper said...

Hey Fernskie... thanks for dropping by...

Any of the Crow's friends... please feel free to leave a note here and I'll see if I can pass it along for you...

The Scribe

soulbrush said...

everything is a little damaged on the inside. and to fern too, howdy.

Michelle said...

I once had a dear daft friend send me earrrings in a Christmas card. She lovingly taped them into the card so that they wouldn't fall out the envelope... right BANG where the stamp was. They were franked, stamped, stomped and pulverised by the time they reached me (a trip from North England to South Africa).

I lost a pair of rather trivial earrings and gained a great funny story. It was a good trade. ;-)

Lynn said...

this one sounds sad to me
but then lots of what you write

The Preacherman said...

Some are a little bit damaged

Some are very damaged.

It's life Jim.....