Thursday, October 8, 2009

For an old friend

I am on a road

my feet struggle

on a road my feet




I am on a road my feet struggle on my bare feet




I am a road

I struggle on


the walking man said...

Well done sir! The word placement discordance absolutely conveys the struggle.

Harlequin said...

beautiful; the subject in process/ on trial...

and a trail

Lynn said...

felt the struggle

Derliwall said...

you are so original, always expanding for me what words can do and convey....thanks :)

benjibopper said...

nicely done.

on a techy note, I can never get blogger to format different justifications like that, some left, some right, some centre.

kj said...

i love the way you do this.

BBC said...

Make some frigging shoes. We don't struggle compared to many, we just bitch about everything but we have it pretty damn good.

BBC said...

I went to pick up a free camp trailer yesterday and talked to the man for about an hour.

Posted a bit about it this morning. Noticed a dead crow hanging in an apple tree and asked him about it.

He shot it and hung it in the tree to keep other crows away from his critters and says it's works very well.

Crows can be such assholes, how did they ever get a reputation for wisdom?

BBC said...

And don't come back with some shit about it being Ravens that are wise.

Jon said...

walking man,
thanks... that's something of what I was going for here... broken lines... broken path...

and as you said... it's the subject on trial that is the driver of the text to the screen as well... not necessarily me though... my old friend

strange that you can't get this kind of shape... maybe check out the html view of the posts... takes a bit of messing about, but you should be able to get this... got another technique for this too... make a background of zeros ("0") as a kind of canvas the same color of the background of your blog... then fill in letters you want to use in a color that will show up... kind of tedious (I know all about it!) but can get some interesting effects!

thanks! i think that sometimes i wish i were a painter... but am stuck using words...
make due with what I've got, eh?

Jon said...

bbc, bbc, bbc,

what can i say to "make some frigging shoes"??? hahaha!!!

really though, you make a good point... i don't know about the suffering of others and i don't know if i can say the pronoun "we" and have it apply to everyone else... how do I know what anyone else goes through???

this was the point of this post... a friend of mine had written something that grabbed my attention for this same reason, and i thought to write something where i said "I"... i don't want to make any assumptions... know what i mean???

and indeed it's true that i've got it pretty good... i don't have to worry about food or shelter or any of the basics... if anything, it's this comfortable way of life that is oppressing so many other people around the world...

there... i said it... i'm an oppressor...

so maybe there is a touch of irony in all this too... and this is part of why i appreciate your commentary so much... cause i know that you are big on irony


and regards the friend of yours with the pellet filled crow in the tree... not me going to bite on this one... think you know that my soul animal (or what is it that the shamen would call those animals you find on a vision quest are) is the crow... i'll let one of my american poets answer for this one... see the next comment...

thanks for stopping by as always BBC... take care!

Jon said...


Crow realized God loved him --

Otherwise, he would have dropped dead.

So that was proved.

Crow reclined, marvelling, on his heart-beat.

And he realized that God spoke Crow --

Just existing was His revelation.

But what

Loved the stones and spoke stone?

They seemed to exist too.

And what spoke that strange silence

After his clamour of caws faded?

And what loved the shot-pellets

That dribbled from those strung up mummifying crows?

What spoke the silence of lead?

Crow realized there were two Gods

One of them much bigger than the other

Loving his enemies

And having all the weapons.

the walking man said...

Only humans can be assholes because only humans can choose to deviate from their nature or develop a nature different than their instinct. Asshole.

Jon said...

something i said???

the walking man said...

not you

BBC said...

Crows don't think about god, only evolved monkeys do.

BBC said...

If crows think about anything at all, it's that they are god. The monkeys sure have written a lot of stupid shit about crows.

But the monkeys have written a lot of stupid shit about a lot of things, there is an insanity in the zoo, it's called religions.

Jon said...

How is that different from "spirit"?

the walking man said...

Them viciously opposed to any view they do not agree with because of its perceived extreme nature stand in the same pew as the thing they oppose.

Ganga Fondan said...

Lovely post, Jon.

Anonymous said...

My mind is always full of interest when reading you.You say things that make me think!
I am liking also how there is almost a struggle when reading such!

BBC said...

How is that different from "spirit"?

Spirit isn't an omnipotent being out there, your daddy like they say the creator they call god is.

Spirit is just spirit, a consciousness of being a part of all this.

And also an evolution like everything else.

zoinkyzooz said...

so in love with this.

Desiree said...

this is beautiful