Sunday, June 3, 2007

Five Books

The Gift of Stones
Things Fall Apart
Leaves of Grass
Judge Tenderly of Me


I don't understand beach rocks
in the desert and gulls
like once was water
flapping, maybe
a tempest
about a barachois
without a kayak. Where
there is beach rocks there once was
sea. Everybody knows, stone stays, water goes.


les said...

fdb...miss you muchly and hope you are well in the land of money and cows.

Leah Ennis said...

There are other things that are even more confusing than beach rocks or maybe I just don't understand the situation sometimes??? Still wondering!!

french tony said...

Everybody knows, stone stays, water goes!!not really, there are always parts of stone which is leaving with the sea and finally stone disappear.
to become sand into the beach...
nothing remains to solidify, all changes

WaxingGrassHoppeR said...

stone becomes water becomes stone becomes dust becomes fire, burning and hardening in times tumble

Nikky said...

Are you sure you're not water? You seem to like change and travel a little too much to be a stone :P

I see French Tony's point but rock often changes so slowly that we don't notice the change until it's too late. If you excuse the disney song reference "[water]'s ever changing ever flowing".