Saturday, June 23, 2007

What the bear in the mountain didn't say on the solstice

"If you throw a crow a peanut,
rickets as to reason in spades,
set it beneath his feet --
thwack-thwack-beaksplittingshell --
like hatching ideas.
Here, I'll throw you one.


"People are like stones.
You strike them right,
they open up like shells.


What was circumstance on solstice...
may I please your vision
that I dream softly
so I don't grind my teeth.


"I never said look in my face,
didn't say I'm worth noticing,
no more special than anything else,
this temple we're a part of,
in soft rain sun
rays slip away,
the clap of thunder
where no lightening was.
This world holds and keeps us all,
without our even asking.
If you could learn that
we could all thrive.

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LME said...

mountains a good place for thinking & writing?