Thursday, October 2, 2008

A day alone. Time to reflect, to recollect what was given, what remains. Back to the Falls. The prayers I had uttered there all answered, just not in the order received. Back to a time colored heartache, a grey shade of blue on a starless sky, curling, shivering into earth. A thin strand stretcheing to eternity, showing where that berg of memory has sailed since calving from a glacier of lives never lived. When again was that day it fell apart? Where was that fault line to be found?

A false lull -- something quite as ordinary as the drop in pressure before the restless expenditure of a thunderstorm. Remembrance soaking my senses: the scent of morning in the forest; sound of beachrocks chattering in the tide and the taste of salt water; a thread of light flickering from the last embers of a fire to dance, all yellow, all yolk, before the mirrors of my eyes.

I hold my breath, watch as that small spark falls faintly to rest in my hand. This moment becomes all moments, becomes this pen shaping symbols, crafting vessels into which we pour meaning -- becomes something other than myself. "Listen more carefully," it says, "Then you will know."

In still silence a tether is cut, these syllables set loose from the past leaving only a dream, a dream that has always been true. For all things were given. All things remain. And I am held in life's embrace as the soil nourishes a seed to flower to see only the sun, as joy can reside only where once was sorrow, as surely as dawn. I am in love.


Fern said...

glad to hear you back all awash with the holiest Fall of all.

Debra Kay said...

Welcome Back, love, reborn.

American Hill BIlly said...

That was beautiful! I'm glad you posted.

United In Peace And Freedom

human being said...

in love
in fall
the golden leaf
falls off
into the wind
whatever might befall it...

chook said...

Great Hopper, reads like you are in high emotion at the moment. Can be a good place but I guess it needs humdrum to sustain it.

tarad said...

Beautiful. A re-birth of sorts, an awakening of the mind and soul. A sliver of sun light found its way into the dusty caverns of your heart, let it warm you from within and brighten your outlook.

Citizen of Earth said...

Glad to hear somthing worthwile has been preoccupying your time

For me the pendulun swings the other way
But I'm ok with it now

I have my thoughts
My words
My pictures

And of course
My friends

Cestandrea said...

Hi and hello and glad that small spark fell faintly to rest in your hand, what a beautiful image:)
Nice to read you again,

BBC said...

Don't get out there so far, stay with the moment.

As for women, Just ask Chris Rock

BBC said...

This planet is screwed up because the women are. It's true, not that they will admit it.

Cestandrea said...

Hopper Jon, so it's raining knifes and you are crossing a river where alligators are snapping after your legs....hey, I want the knifes to fall on the alligators so that you can safely cross that river!
Send you lots of energy

Enemy of the Republic said...

So good to see you back and in such bliss.

Lynn said...

Oh, I came here a while ago, read what you wrote, and then what? I must have left the return comment on my own blog after you came there.
Maybe I am losing it.
I liked the last line of course.
Always looking for the bright side.

BBC said...

Boy, a lot of women sure don't like my comments on their blogs. They just don't want to look at the truth.

And they just delete them, whatever happened to "Don't comment on my blog"?

It's not like I have to, if they don't want to look at themselves I guess it's okay with me.

But they can't shut me up, I have my own blogs where I can say what I like and I never delete their rants and insults.

Try to keep this in your mind for the rest of your life. Women are weapons grade haters. They are not the sweet little things you want to think they are.

DeLi said...

i can just picture how wonderful a moment of all moments is