Friday, October 24, 2008


So it is. All trials are only circles. The hurricane falls into the shore, mingling sand-surf-beach-rocks-electric-air, the false lull before the plunge. The innards of the ocean throws up a curtain of sleet that spreads like a comforter onto a king-sized bed.


"You can't rush destiny."

No, I guess you can't. Just like you can't sail around a tempest, for if you did they'd still ask,

"Why were you late?"

And you'd have to say, "It was because of a storm."

Then they'd ask, "It must have been bad?"

And you'd have to say, "I don't know. I sailed around it."

No you just can't rush destiny.


The moment of not understanding is an opportunity to learn.
-- bell hooks


I love that all our things are mingled together, love how your stuff is a-clutter, crumple towels, jeans, and bras. I love to find traces of your passing when we're apart, love the way you're spread on the floor like a cyclone.


human being said...

circles and cyclones... hmmm...

storms purge... especially when they're occurring within us...

BBC said...

"You can't rush destiny."

In a way this is true, at least in my case. But I note with interest that many miss the boat or take the wrong path so end up with an alternate destiny that isn't to their liking.

My path drives me nuts but I'm okay with it, I feel that my destiny is to die here and leave enough behind that will hopefully one day help the world heal itself.

We shall see. Peaceful paths, and good luck getting laid.

BBC said...

"We have to move forward. We cannot think anymore of ascend or descend.

Well, you don't have to, but time and space is going to. With or without you.

It matters not to time and space, it leaves everything on this planet in the monkey shit dust in the ruts of its history in time and space behind it.

Hum, guess that is my deep thought for the week. Actually, I couldn't have such a deep thought, never having had an original thought now for thousands of years.

I'm sure it was just something flowing through me.

Lynn said...

I get a kick out of you (the poet) enjoying the mess she leaves in her path, leaves behind to mark where she was and in essence still spirit anyway...because I wonder if this particular relationship solidifies how long
it will take until that mess is just a mess and
not only in spirit but in real time too.
I wonder,
no, I know.
I'm there.

DeLi said...

i like what is said about not rushing destiny, although it is difficult to contain, that adrenaline of feeling a lot of that these days

Enemy of the Republic said...

Hey, Hopper. This one will stay with me...

Duke said...

I absolutely love this! Let me know when you're next in T.O

Fern said...

hopper!!!! helloooo!

Citizen of Earth said...

I don’t know about destiny
It seems destiny finds you
And not the other way around

Circles or no
My trail is my own
And I am no longer late
In any circumstance

I do however find that sometimes
The expectations of others
Are early

Too bad for them
For in missing the storm
They have missed the chance to be more…

zoinkyzooz said...

you definitely can't rush destiny... destiny is a jerk!

Tania said...

Really well-written and thought-provoking. I enjoyed this!

zoinkyzooz said...

:) thanks for the post, I was wondering what happend to you, was going to figure out if there was a way to email on this bloody thing to make sure you were there isnt lol