Friday, July 17, 2009

sometimes you have to write your letter backwards
and explain all the things you knew
to your stuffed animals

because it's not their fault

the peppermint knobs
the decks of cards

the patter of bamboo on the window-
-sill as it should be

in a house of timber
and dominoes

and the more you hold of that rationale
the more you speak for that small part in us that is

willing us to be better


the walking man said...


Fern said...

you make me want to write...again.
thank you.

Lynn said...

See, you just had to say you can't and then you did!

Great pictures in this poem.
I've a hard time seeing you
talking to stuffed animals
but love that you can imagine that.

Love your banner, it shines.
Wish your white words were brighter, easier for older eyes to see.

Great sky and clouds below poem.
And it's June 17 not 19th yet. Slow down friend. LOL

Pisces Iscariot said...

"that small part in us that is
willing each of us to be better"

christopher said...


Jon said...

thank you all for stopping by and leaving words and punctuation



I'll change the text color... you make a good point... thanks...

Harlequin said...

long nights of the soul
reaching courageously ... thoughtfully
into darkness as warm as it is deep
and here you are...

this is a lovely piece and so emblematic of all that is powerful and sustaining in your craft

thank you, Jon...

BBC said...

I'm going camping high on a mountain in the morning, while I'm gone you are in charge.

I trust that you will have this fucked up world fixed by the time I return.

Jon said...


thanks for your compliments and your encouragement... I need all the help I can get!

I will try...

have a good time camping... wish I was on the paths in the mountains too...

Silver said...

This is a beautiful piece.

very thoughtful one. please don't judge it by my short comment.

Poetry is an escape and expressions are best felt when it's honest and from the heart. Even better, if from the soul.


Suzanne said...


I found you through Walking Man and when I saw "Blades of Grass," thought of Walt Whitman and "Leaves of Grass." So I clicked because I studied dear old Walt in college. I'm not disappointed.

I'm not a poet or a writer. I'm an artist, but I love poets and writers. You are no exception! You're writing is beautiful and thoughtful and definately moved me. Do I understand it? Yes. I love the previous post. What a little jewel. This one too. I'm so grateful I found Walking Man through Kylie in Australia, because without them I wouldn't have discovered you. What a gift. Darling, do me a favor. Go to my blog and page down to my blog roll (I accidently deleted it so it's incomplete), click on "Cece," then go to Cece's blog roll and click on "Floots." Trust me. Just do it. He's a retired professor in England and a brilliant poet and photographer. Enjoy.

Of course I'll be back. What a beautiful blog.


Mariana Soffer said...

Beautifull jon!
I liked the part where you mention rationality, it is so true what you say. If you stick only to it you are going to be watching trough a very narrow lens.