Monday, August 17, 2009

scattered thoughts 2

this is no more a war than there is a war between mice and men

this is no more poetry than the insects I swat


Harlequin said...

given that your poetic history is loaded with irony, I see it here writ if the dance of swat-able insects is not poetic... as if your lively cat and mouse game with swat -able insects is not poetic... as if.

Mariana Soffer said...

There is no more blog than the sandiwch I ate.
(Excelent post by the way)

BBC said...

if the primary need is security

Not these days, the primary need these days is more. Especially with the females here, they always want more, and they want it to be more pretty.

Security, ever give that much thought? There really isn't any such thing on this planet as security. But having a gun helps extend life at times.

Security is something insurance salesmen try to sell you, ha ha ha.

If you have a roof over your head and some food in your gut consider yourself as secure as it's going to get. The beer is just a bonus.

Jon said...

where else would the words war and swat come up together... hmmmm


what kind of sandwich... is blog a new kind of canned meat similar to spam???


i'm guessing control... but perhaps with a twist of status if you wanted to bring the guns into it... and maybe the beer would go well with mariana's sandwich?

BBC said...

I'm not interested in control, even though many others are. I'm just interested in personal protection.

Well, I'm interested in control of my personal space.

Jenny said...

Hi there,

I have turned my blog into a private blog and I just sent you an invitation. But it might have been in Swedish. I tried to change language, but I am not sure if it worked.

I really hope that you want to continue following my blog and accept it, despite the language mix-up.

/Jenny, Cinnamon

Anonymous said...

Oh just what I need, something to shake my brain free of cobwebs. Very good for the old grey matter, you.

Chris said...

I notice that you have this great way of combining things that you wouldn't really think to put together, and your poems always make people wonder if they've got the right meaning, if there is a right meaning, or if there is any meaning at all.

If I can ever write poetry 1/2 as good as yours, I will be satisfied.