Monday, September 14, 2009



Can you hear me?
Can you still see the butterflies floating
in this mindless reverie?
Does this blade
of grass grow
and will there be tigers?

If there are
then there will be.



Lynn said...

Oh yes, I hear you.
I hope there won't be tigers
but they are there...out there
lurking and shooting
too near my loved ones
this weekend
upsetting my equalilbrium
I wish for
more butterflies.

human being said...



this blAde of grAss is growing and growing... and will grow to a very BiG tree... and all kinds of LiViNG things come and rest, play, and LiVE on its brAnches... even the tIgers...

and the tree WiLL feed them All
and the tree WiLL LuVE them All


and a message from the land of the dead... crow decided to be among your followers once aGAIN...

human being said...

surely everyone knows this... but i'd rather add that dead people don't talk much... or perhaps they don't talk at all... they just come every now and then(whenever 'TIME' allows them)... and visit other people silently... rejoicing in their being there...


The Scrybe said...

"will there be tigers"... I like this :)

Jon said...

Thanks for dropping by... nice to see you... I like your thoughts here and I, too, would like to see more butterflies. Let's keep our fingers crossed, eh?

Human Being,
glad you're following... but you're more of a leader perhaps... why don't you start writing on your blog again? I'm happy to have you stop by whenever you feel like it... the words are always here waiting to be written... be well...

Welcome! thanks for your compliment... this line was siphoned from another poem that i wrote some time ago but I think that it was about sharks or lions then... the creatures change... the big teeth remain!


kj said...

'if there are
then there will be'

it's a great line, jon, a great line.


Jon said...

thanks kj,

and thanks for dropping by... always good to hear from you

the walking man said...

There is an inevitable tiger even where there are none.

Jenny said...

I enjoyed reading this poem.

"will there be tigers?

If there are
then there will be."

And I especially enjoyed that part above. Tigers would be a good thing, I reckon. Hope their teeth are not too sharp, though. Maybe they could become grazing animals.

Jon said...

walking man,
yes... waiting they are... behind every corner

Nice to hear from you. Wonder if perhaps tigers are grazing animals... just what they graze on... well


Mariana Soffer said...

I guess it is a good thing you did not want your past, no need of melacholly suffering with an attitude like that.

Nature is key:
The culture we are living in has no inherent meaning, and no dialogue with nature, If we are fortunate, we may have an ocean retreat from the man-made. If we are less affluent we may make special trips to connect to nature, be it at the zoo, or the botanical gardens. But for most of us nature is absent from our daily life.

Excelent paragraph, where you describe who you are, I usually think about us, that we are all and nothing. That we aer the universe and the starts, that we are the cocroach walking in your toe nail. And I liked a lot the sentence where you say that you are just whatever you where. That is true for everybody, but not many realize about it. That is great, because you are who you are thanks to your past that influenced you and changed you, so it is always there, never far enough from yourself.

Exclent work poet, thanks a lot and take care!

Jon said...

Guess that you saw the poem in google reader... I took that down for now... still doing some touching up on it... been working on this one for a long time now and am trying to get it just right...
thanks a lot for your comment here though... it's encouraging that you find the piece uplifting... I'll have a final copy soon... hopefully


Harlequin said...

growth: unavoidable-- especially with this kind of integrity;
butterflies: as long as hope breathes;
tigers: inevitable as monkeys
it there are, there will be
lovely, every time...

Ganga Fondan said...

Beautiful words to soak in Jon.
"If there are
then there will be."
Awesome line.
Tigers and butterflies.
Sounds like a song. :)
Beautiul poem galaxy.


Carla said...

can you write me something new? about life. and transitions. And sadness, and happiness, and friends, and love for all those things. whether it be because theyre wonderful now, or wonderful in hindsight.

that would warm my soul.

can ya...

Anonymous said...

Yes things change but everything stays the same really; I am thinking.

Jon said...

"tigers: as inevitable as monkeys"... gotta love it!!!

Thanks for stopping by and for your thoughts... glad these words open up a space...

I'll try. Keep your eyes open. You don't know where I'll leave these words that you seek...

A good friend of mine said to me one time:
"All ways are circles... all goings are returns..."
Same but changing, always, eh?
So nice of you to leave your words here... take care friend.

Carla said...

ok. i will.

Smita Tewari said...

Change is the only constant, everything else being variable!