Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Poem for poets

stray thoughts aimless of the target
constructing and destructing what's said before

an unnarrated dialogue between
mirrors and screens
punctuated by pulsing plosives
and caffeinated lights

when I write
my jaw tightens up

but it's so soothing when the world is rough
to taste beach rocks chattering in the tide

hear Cyprus trees

see cinnamon tingle my tongue

and the wake in the water
reflect the glistening gold
sun of a million years ago


bard said...


Jon said...

Thanks bard. Glad you like...

the walking man said...

Thanks brother. We write them but rarely have them written for us.

Shubhajit said...

The verse takes me to my hardship and within that sufferings I find my bliss.

Thanks for this philosophical piece.

Michael Rawluk said...

I should send that poem to my son who is a poet. I love it.

JennyMac said...


Jimmy Bastard said...

Well written indeed.

Lust With Wings said...

And you addressed the number one health issue for poets-- you know, besides opiates, depression and alcohol -- TMJ. People need to know. The jaws of our nation's poets are at risk!

Francis Scudellari said...

Lovely. I've been a bit uninspired of late, so I hope this shakes up my senses. I always relish a good dose of synesthesia.

Mariana Soffer said...

Cool poem. I was wondering if it is a poem mainly for poets, should it be different than the other poems? if so different how?
Maybe it could be less structured, more playfull, exoplore more. Artist should understand that the search is important and has it s own rule.

Take care my friend

Mango Girl said...

Cinnammon tingle in my tongue...ooooooooooooohhhh I love that!!!

Thanks for visiting...I would like to talk with your poetry.

xo, Mango

Harlequin said...

when i read you
a stillness settles almost
i lean into your words
forgetful of all but this
when i notice my single clenched fist
it opens
like a rose

Jon said...

glad you liked it... i had all my poet friends here in mind

Philosophical is a compliment here... i'm not sure that I am... though sometimes i aspire to be...

send it on! nice to see you again...

Thanks! and welcome to my humble site... hope you'll drop by again for a visit

High praise from the master! thanks mate... still waiting on the voucher for the pint

the jaws are indeed at risk... so much to say... perhaps the government is actually doing us a favor by cutting funding to the arts!

glad you like the synesthesia here... i am a big fan of this knd of effect...

thanks for the suggestions... i'll keep this in mind when i do another edit and think if there's a place for this... disconnected and discombobulated is poets for sure... and for sure that's me

thanks for your comment... i'm up for continuing conversations about art and writing and whatever in the blogosphere is on your mind...

lovely poetic lines you leave me... sometimes it's about breathing and release, eh? thanks for your thoughts...

Devin said...

This was indeed awesome Jon! The last 5 lines were very beautiful and evocative to me-all the best in the world to you!!

Jon said...

thanks devin... glad that this spoke to you... hope you're well and that the cat isn't giving you a hard time!


Dianne said...

Earthy and visceral, I like this very much, keep writing, thank you.

Jon said...

Hi Dianne,

Thanks for dropping by and for your kind comment... hope to see you around again...

aditya said...


punctuated by pulsing plosives

was a very nice effort. I liked the poem, Jon.

Good to know you. :)