Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Toy Trains

Someone said, leave. I was going to say leave. That was before, no after, or already always at last. I was a banker. Rest an elbow on my desk. Maybe my chin. My eyes fell on paper. So many numbers. Meaningless more I look at them. A system for knowing that one isn't two. That ears aren't eyes. Woke up. Train banked the corner. Slammed my nose into the window. Some small red river runs. Missed my stop. Late again. Or early. Coming or going? Who can ever know?

Where's that hanky, that hankering. One eyelid glued shut. Like to pick the crust later, or before. Enough for now. First drink coffee. Two sugar. No three. But don't stir. Watch the cream. It swirls. Cosmos in a cup. Don't drink it. Just look. That old man. Younger than me. Maybe another shade. Another lamp light left on. Or still dark? Am I above ground? Doesn't matter.

Get on now. Blanket over my face. Don't want to see those stars. Just one tattooed on my neck. My shin aches. My hair hurts. No. Other way around. Lie down. There. That park. Concrete jungle gym. On track. Lots of time. Just a minute. A wrinkle. The tongue gets clogged. Maybe burned. Told you it was hot. Just look. Look away.

What's that noise? Make it stop ringing. Always ringing. Almost always. Sounds the color green. Or orange. Nothing rhymes with orange, except orange. Write in circles. Punch the numbers. Without stopping. Stop sometimes. Just toy trains. I'm never on one. Sometimes though. Don't want to be late. Don't want to be early. Someone said, leave. Someone said, leave.


Michael Rawluk said...

I read a bunch of your posts and you have something special going on in your head.

Jon said...



that's a lot more polite than you could have put it


i'll take that for the best... i've been a fan of your photography for a while now, so it's nice to make the acquaintance... thanks for stopping by

bard said...

Fantastic writing!

Devin said...

I so enjoy your style of writing Jon! It will take me quite awhile to get caught up on all you have done -but in a way that is a good thing!
Keep going -great work -this created many images in my mind's eye while I was reading it.
Best to you as always!!

Francis Scudellari said...

I have to say that the rhythm of this put me in the mind of that Rockabye video. Of course I'm still hearing that voice in general, so that may be a false association. I like the topsy-turvy feeling of this.

Jon said...

been a while... nice to here from you again, and thanks for the compliment.

Lots of time to get caught up... and lots here that's not worth reading anyways... it's all about the interaction for me. I'll head over to your space now and see what's happening (or what was happening) with Octavian and Antony.

Good pick-up on the Beckett riff here. I've done lots of work (writing essays) on his writing, and have tried, in my own small way, to try this style of writing every so often. Earlier this year myself and a few friends did a blogging project where we tried to adapt one of Beckett's works (The Unnamable) into online media. The idea was to recast particular words or phrases in the original poetically. We put links in the original text that directed to the poetry. Here's the address if you want to check it out:

Beckett Adaptation

Anonymous said...

Jon, thanks for stopping by my blog and joining in. I'm looking forward to reading you more. Nice place you have here :)

the walking man said...

The life of drudge commuting on toy trains,after consuming porridge dry under an orange sky. Better the cement jungle than staring at numbers that make no sense anymore.

Harlequin said...

I agree with Michael....
nice rhythm on this.... hypnotic, a thread moving through it, meandering and purposeful....
and it does put me in mind of Beckett..
good stuff, you :)

Famous Last Words said...

I just read Toy Trains - simply amazing. I keep reading it over and over, catching something new each time. A remarkable piece of work, and I truly look forward to reading more!

Anonymous said...

Ah, another talented writer in Blogdom!

I liked this- this person is heading for meltdown or is already there. Neural pathways trying to connect but unable to complete the connection to coherency. Interesting style- I don't know Beckett.

Thanks for dropping by :)

Anonymous said...

i love toy trains. my house has a large track and i run it for hours.
really recommending it if you’re into this. i like your way of writing.
style, my young man. you've got it indeed.

Jon said...

Welcome... glad you like the space. See you around the blogosphere!

I like how you get the feeling of porridge. That seems an apt description of this muddle!

Careful you don't pull that string or the whole fabric may unravel...

Welcome... thanks for your compliment... but be careful... if I get too many nice things said my ego may balloon out of control! But I'm glad that you felt compelled to give this a second and even third read... that's the best compliment of all. Thanks!

Nice to see you over here. Glad you liked the neurosis of this piece... Beckett is the master of this style. Worth the headache to read some of his stuff.

thanks! I try to live by the saying: "real pirates walk the plank in style"... that's my life summed up in 7 words
Catch up with you again soon.

Series and Videos said...

Really... phew.. perfect..
Just what I needed right now. I can agree with Michael and Harlequin, love the rhytm, I just couldn't stop. It felt as if I was riding a toy train, you know, kadum kadum kadum... Since I just saw Beckett on youtube, I can understand where you get some of your inspiration.

The mind works in mysterious ways and you caught it, clean. At least my mind! More of this.

I left you a comment on my Series and Videos blog to.


Jon said...

Welcome... glad that you liked the Becket riff here... he's got something going... and glad too that you liked EndGame... that's a hell of a play...
Thanks for stopping by and for your thoughts...


I am not Kek-w said...

Me *like* !