Monday, August 16, 2010

If only...

...ideology wasn't like halitosis

and it wasn't this simple





ANNA-LYS said...

It all depends on what You "ate"
and who many You share it with.
The whole group will say it tasted
great no matter how disgusting.
It's called cognitive dissonance,
it is as simple as that! lol
I think politicians share food often
or play to much criss-cross with
important decisions ;-)

Harlequin said...

loved the halitosis semiotic... eerily accurate and undeniably embodied, in all kinds of permutations of ingestion digestion and elimination; simple as ...?? methinks ideology is deceptive in its ability to appear simple, or to appear not to exist at all, there's a trick. ideology is as embodied as you say, and as complicated ... and (perhaps?) as simple.
my own experience with simple... simple seldom means "easy".

manik sharma said...

helllooo jon....i'm posting here for the first namaste!!
i find there is an eerie randomness or that you want to depict here which is as random as it is unplanned....maybe that's just me....and as u say it not that simple....
cheers !!!

Bad Breath & Halitosis Cures said...

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Lynn said...

I love the last comment almost as much as your poem! LOL

Jon Parsons said...

Cognitive dissonance indeed! And agreed about the politicians and sharing food and indigestion...

It doesn't get much more embodied that stinky breath, does it? And a question here while I'm at it... Why does it sometimes seem like the same folks who are talking about "the" super ego are the same ones who are saying there's no such thing as ideology?

manik sharma,
Welcome! Thanks for saying hi. Eerie randomness is high praise to this guy (because lots of time I don't know what's coming next). Hope to see you again soon...

Bad Breath,
Well, I must say that this is on the all time top ten list of comments on this blog. So thanks for stopping by, and let me know if you experience a relapse or anything. Maybe I can hook you up with some dry reading that might take the bite off the old morning breath.

What's it they say... it takes all kinds to make up the world...
That comment is a keeper for sure.

Harlequin said...

jon-- whenever that definite article is presented that way, you KNOW that something is rotten beneath the surface...kinda in keeping with the organizing metaphor you proposed in the first place... are you good or what??

Jon Parsons said...

yeah, I'm all good... just playing about with some strange readings by Terry Eagleton... that guy fries my brain

DeLi said...

wow! im blown by its creative form