Friday, December 3, 2010

corkscrew thinking

He was a dishwasher on a submarine
in The War and the water
was never warm. When he reached

in to
w r g
w t sw r
r e m f
g e l
s s

to get a fork
the sub came aground and he
sliced his hand on a knife.
Without air or hope
they drank all the rum
but the tide changed
and the sub surfaced.


the walking man said...

Good to see you again Jon.

Pretty funny stuff actually. Must have been a Brit sub they allow rum on board and aren't the best drivers in the world.

Harlequin said...

thanks for this many layered read; you offer intriguing contexts, and this sweet mundane activity as a pivot and i like how you have left the sub in the throes of rocks and tides, how a "shift" can change how so much is perceived, and felt.

and, of course, a lovely shape to crawl inside of as i go to think like a corkscrew

i will let you what/if i find...

nice to see this entry from you.

Lynn said...

long time between poems friend
glad you surfaced

enjoyed, well, no
i shrink from the site or thought of

but spiralled through to the end okay. vapors...

happy holiday hopefully

Jon Parsons said...

Hi Mark
Thanks for the message. I think it was a British sub. And though the might not be good drivers, at least they had the sense to have rum on board.

Hi Harlequin,
I liked the idea of a fork. That's what I started with. Talk about the mundane! Funny where the mind goes on that kind of journey.

Hi Lynn,
Nice to see your note. I'm not much for blood either. But strange thing, I don't nearly mind my own blood so much as other people's. Funny that, eh? Hope you are having a nice holiday season too...

Old 333 said...

Oh, I really like this one a lot. Followed a link in here...thanks for the poems. I like them so far. Especially this one.