Friday, February 4, 2011

Language Games

l l
a a
x x n n
x x g g
x x u u
x x a a
x x g g
x x e e
l f
i o
k ooooo r
e o o m
s o o c
t o o o
o o o n
p o o t
l o o e
a o o n
y ooooo t
t f
i u x x
c n x x
t c x x
a t x x
c i x
t o x x
o n x x
e x x


Old 333 said...

'language can't hold to the letter can't be less than liquid murcury ' - right on.

manik sharma said...

language likes to play tic tac toe...indeed jon...

the walking man said...

Form or function the eternal dialog between poets.

Jon Parsons said...

Thanks for the comment and for playing along.

manik sharma,
Most games come to a draw, but if you know how never to lose you might win out on attrition. But if the other side knows how to never lose too, it'll go on all day.

walking man,
Form is playing as X today. Would you like to stand in for O?

manik sharma said...

and then we call it an epic....don't cancelling each other out in ideas ,tracks and actions leads to the greatest stories ever told or history ever occurred ....

Harlequin said...

from the playfulness of the runonwords to the way the form and content function, i love this; you are freakin' brilliant, in my totally unbiased opinion.

Michael Rawluk said...

That is so cool and you really have patience.

the walking man said...

Jon I always play for function, form being the secondary nature of me.