Thursday, June 9, 2011


It is spring or
it was spring or
spring sprang summer

It makes little difference
what the almanac says
when everything's satched

soaking wet streets
flowing full as a flood
in R-D-F

And if you're not up
on the T-L-A (three
letter acronym)

then chances are
in your country
spring hasn't sprung


Harlequin said...

the word, " satched", is perfect; it conveys how dense and heavy wet can be. the tla's are dandy as well. and i admire your ability to connect to other sites, satched and unsprung.... those few well selected words that carry the load.

manik sharma said...

i almost missed this..your visits to the blogosphere have been so limited that you could actually do the job i pretend to do at office...This is another brilliant piece...the footage that words couldn't heal...there is a man who is shouting..."It doesn't matter if you are hindu or muslim..You will demand your rights"....Is the world listening....?

Jon Parsons said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I like your line more in the case of my country. The last line would then read, "spring has unsprung"... though I'm not 100% sure it ever sprang in the first place.

manik sharma,
Thanks for the comment. I'm not sure that the world is listening, but I know lots of people who are. I don't quite know what to say or what I think most of the time. And as you put it so well, my words can't heal. More to follow on this in the next three posts, R, D, F...
[p.s. Sometimes I feel like my job is all about pretending! Want to swap for a while?]

Harlequin said...

thanks, jon-- i was also thinking about how spring -- in the many ways it can be manifest-- still is unsprung in so many places in this world... i thought your post conveyed that hope and its tough poignancy so well. your usual canny juxtaposing of image, poetics and critical edge..

Jon Parsons said...

I'm going to be sure to get you to write a blurb for my book! "usual canny juxtaposing" would definitely help move units!

Harlequin said...


BBC said...

The gods care? How goddamn many of them are there?

Jon Parsons said...

What do you mean? Not following you on this one... do I talk about the gods or is it in the song or something?