Monday, April 16, 2012

After K. C.

in truth we said nothing
so in lies we said it all

what else are you going to tell people?
that utopianism is the belief

things can stay the same forever?
that lacking the will isn't the same

as needing a rationale?
that resistance in the meantime

is justified? no.
you tell them everything's fine

just keep shopping


Jon said...

Speech after long silence; it is right ("After Long Silence" W.B. Yeats)






knell of bells

a penny







Harlequin said...

your sploosh is a welcome bell.

this piece also reminds me of another line, not about utopia, but about insanity, that it (insanity)is when one is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. i suppose for some, that might be utopia... or shopping.

nice work with words, as is your usual

Jon said...

what's it they say...

one must not simply
replicate the system
one set out to oppose

Lynn said...

Change is where it's at! ;-)
Truth be told!

Jon said...

glad we're on the same page here... and not of the sears catalog!

occupier said...

The system creeps in to our every interaction. Even when a group intentionally sets itself apart as different (as newly minted reformers out to convince people and argue with them until change happens), their synergies are tinged with it, they can't help setting themselves up as gatekeepers, as a tyrannical majority. To authentically set out to oppose would mean empowering others, engaging their ideas even when you wish you had come up with it first, and setting them free to act -- this is a way to oppose "the system" that creeps into our bones.