Wednesday, May 7, 2008

maybe all life is born of the same one soul

each like an ember thrown from the fire

looking for salvation alone

burning brightly in the sky for just a moment

before becoming ash

and falling back to earth


human being said...

oh ... yes...
after writing that long comment in the previous post... this poem means much to me...
so you,too, are talking of that ONE...

love the image of all the things being embers of one fire...
and mo matter we are in the sky burning brightly or just some cold ash on the earth... we ARE... we are ever-existent... we never die... we just change form.... and we are participating in the whole universe from its very beginning to its very end...
(again this is my limited version of the truth... the way i see the world... just sharing ...)
love to you all...

Fern said...

mmmm. yes. maybe.

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...


Debra Kay said...

Life feels more like liquid than fire to me these days. Flowing, merging, changing, but never too far from the river. Of course, I could change and sponateously combust at any moment. Life is like that as well.

sukipoet said...

hb I like the idea that we never die, just change form. That is what i think of when people say there is no death. NOt a denial kind of thing, but rather the meaning that we are in different form, maybe just minerals or something. Who knows. k

Hopper, glad we are embers at the same time on the earth.

BBC said...

"maybe all life is born of the same one soul"

Correct, but when it arrives here it is taught a lot of stupid crap, depending on what culture it is raised in.

BBC said...

And then it adds another poem to the billions already here that are lost in the ruts of time and space behind us.

It's just all monkey droppings. :-)

BBC said...

Do something more useful, plant some trees or something.

human being said...

oh come on BBC, they are not mutually exclusive... i mean writing poetry and planting some trees... one can do both of them...
this is for you and Hopper:

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...


A poem is a tree

I should know
For in MY lifetime
I have planted hundreds
Of each

And I have taken the time
To watch them grow
Or not
And that is fine

I can’t speak for others
I write for my own salvation
My own satisfaction
Not yours
Or anyone else’s

You speak much
About teaching
You crack the whip
Expecting all
To fall
And listen

But you give no reason
For them to do so
And from that expectation
Comes your bitterness
And cynicism

I for one am not a monkey
Though I wish I were sometimes
But I am more
I am human
And that gives me choices
Good or bad

“Each moment is me
I am my universe”
And so are you

I leave behind
With everything I do

And sometimes
Will follow

When I see a soul
That I might reach
I leave words
If you see there just droppings
Than you see what you want to see
Like most people

I willingly
Will teach
Anyone who would listen

There is no better way
For me
To continue

It has been a long
Often difficult road
To face truth without looking away

The lessons I have learned
Have spanned the universe
And time as well
Simple truth
That began with my mom
And dad

Einstein, Newton, and so many more

And Grandpa…
He started me on the path
With the help
Of old
Aldo Leopold

My children helped too
And I thank them
For all the bliss
And all the grief
They have shared with me


I don’t expect anyone
Will skip steps one and two
Just to understand
That which I know to be true

Like the songbirds
Each morning sing
To each new day
I bring
My words
For any who might want to hear

But I force them on no one

Lynn said...

How refreshing Bobbb...citizen of the earth...HB...Hopper...etc. etc.
so many ways to view the world and to view all make it that much more interesting...offering ideas, and feelings...
by chance I learned of blogs...
by chance I risked making my own...
by chance I met many talented interesting people from all over the world...
by chance
I have the freedom to tune in to their words, art, poems, or
by chance and
on purpose
I like to learn from
the mixture of differences
I find here
in Hopper's commment box
separating out
that that doesn't
fit for me
without worry
that anyone cares
or is hurt by that
by me
by chance I go to bed fullfilled
by finding
on this planet earth

sure, why not!

For me it all started with a post card from Kelly to my DH
who by chance he found on line searching his family's roots
and found a flower growing in Canada he was attached to by blood

and now by chance
I am attached to by blogging
and friendship

And in Hopper's comment box
by coinsidence
we all comment
on this idea...belief...
by chance we either agree
or agree to disagree
and I go to bed