Monday, April 21, 2008

Choose your own adventure -- a community writing project

You remember those neat books you read when you were a kid? The kind that asked you to make a decision and told you to turn to a particular page depending on what you choose? I think it would be a fun project to run on-line. I'm going to write up the first section and then throw it out into the blogosphere and see what we all come up with. I've been thinking about it for a couple days now and have come to the conclusion that there will need to be a few rules if this is going to work.

1. If you participate you MUST offer the reader TWO options at the close of your section.

2. ONE of the options MUST link back to me (I've started a new blog to keep track) and one MUST link to a new participant.

3. Sections should be no more than 1000 words.

4. No profanities or explicit content.

I think it's necessary to have one link back to me so that I can keep track of the content and add new bloggers from my end. I won't necessarily write up the next section but may simply link on to another blogger. I'm not sure that this experiment will work as I envision so I reserve the right to change rules and add new rules. Please leave a comment if you'd like to participate and I'll try my best to include everyone (don't see this being a problem at all). It may be a problem keeping everything updated in a timely fashion so if anyone would like to be a team member on the new site and help me that would be greatly appreciated. Hit this link to read the first section.


BBC said...

1. If you participate you MUST offer the reader TWO options at the close of your section.

No profanity

There you go, making rules. I don't go through the gate and read the rules, I jump the fence.

Good luck with the project, hugs.

BBC said...

But to answer your question.


I'm not sure he knows it is your mountain, if in fact it is. We do not own the earth, we are it's children, and very bad children we are. Maybe not you but look at the bigger picture.

Looking at it from the perspective that there are now about 7 billion here it's clear why it is such a mess. And they all want their own space, like a whole mountain instead of just a little spot.

human being said...

Hi Hopper!
what a good luck! i was online when you left your message on my bolg... your words really made me happy... they were brimming with joy and happiness... i'm so excited about your wonderful Saturday...
and then i felt like a firstgrader... jumping up and down shouting Hooray!... because dear Mr. Teacher had chosen me to write the next option...(seems crows never grow up!)
and i went to Omar's Adventure...
A dragon!? it was as if my long-hidden secret was revealed... why?
'cause i was a dragon before becoming a crow... and now i have a double life!!!!! :D

sure i've got lots of things to write about dragons... moreover, i know where do they come form...

Hopper... i have a short story about that dragon written when i was 21...
o this project is my life... :D

Debra Kay said...

Wow, got to think about this one after coffee. Sounds like a great idea.

So, if, for instance, I pick section 2, would I just write for one of the options and then end with two more of my own? links back to you and one links to a new person?

Debra Kay said...

Oh, DUH, I get it now-I wait till someone links to me and write for the section they've linked to me. I'm slow.

Lynn said...

I'm even slower...I think I will watch for a while and then see if I am brave enough to fight or join the dragon. ;-)

Fern said...

Me too, Lynn.

Not getting the linking bit.

If I want to play, do I wait for someone to offer me one of their ending options?

And then when I have written I offer two links? One to you, Hopper and the other to someone else?

Debra Kay said...

I think that's it fern-but get ready, because I'm writing a link now and sending it to you.