Tuesday, April 8, 2008


If I must I shall persist
in wanderlust, in loneliness...

...like your reflection
seeming in a crowd,
twisting your hair,
turning to be the
face, the voice,
someone else. There
was a sun shower double
rainbow after a train
into the west,
into the waning hour
until bedtime
when you left --
looked up,
saw Venus,
saw that all my loves
had been together
in one day --
you melted my heart.


Cestandrea said...

Beautiful poetry, Hopper.

human being said...

very enigmatic! I read it several times to discover different images you knit together so skillfully...
What a journey... and all happening in loneliness (talk about juxtaposition!)
From east to west ... from earth to heaven and stars ... and a journey within ... I consider that melting (or meltdown?!!) of the heart a sort of journey... 'cause there is a change here... a softening ...a metamorphosis.... this is the journey one undertakes through the alchemy of love...
And that blank space between the 2nd and 3rd lines ... illustrating that loneliness... sooooo beautiful.
Really enthraled by all its beauty.
Sorry, I couldn't get 'waining'...isn't it "waning hour"?
In the comments of your previous post you said you want to start a poetry game... I love such games ... so look forward to it.

Debra Kay said...

Is loneliness a bad thing?

BBC said...

Wanderlust.... Got that out of my system. I've been in 49 states and much of Canada and seen and done many things. Had many experiences.

Now I have roots and no will to travel because it is so hard on mother earth.

I caused her great damage in my ignorant youth.

Morgan said...

Debra Kay, I think being lonely would be exhausting. It would take some effort to shut oneself away, given all the opportunities for discourse this day and age.

Hopper, I love this poem. The part about thinking you see someone, and having it turn out to be someone else was very poignant.

Hopper said...

thank you all for your comments...

Debra... no i don't think loneliness is a bad thing necessarily... in a funny way i find it to be fuel for the fire...

morgan... similar to the comment deletion misunderstanding... think i see this person still... or perhaps her ghost... or perhaps her reincarnation... it's sometimes a bit frustrating... but always makes my heart flutter...

BBC... wondering how travelling is "hard on mother earth"???

and thank you my crow teacher... my editor would love you and your sharp eyes...

poetry game starting tomorrow... everyone welcome... think on the line:

We walk a seven day mile...

Morgan said...

Wow, Hopper. She must have made quite an impression. If you don't mind my asking, how long has it been since she left? I know it's hard, but do try to move on.

My ex husband never did. I couldn't figure out if I was that good or if he was just that traumatized.....

Cestandrea said...

sun shower double rainbow, wow. Beautiful Hopper:)
Thanks for inviting me to play, can you tell me how that works exactly, you want me to come up with a poem inspired by the sentence you planted in my head?:)

BBC said...

BBC... wondering how travelling is "hard on mother earth"???

If you are just walking or biking, fine. But most folks wander with planes, trains, boats, automobiles, etc.

All those things are polluting and hard on mother earth. Just making them is polluting before you even start using them.

human being said...

Yes, my profession is teaching and I am old enough to be considered your teacher... but to the tell you the truth ... here I learn ... I'm a student.

human being said...

some hours later...(since no time is registered here!).....

Just now I read your insightful comment on Debra kay's blog... think it's a pre-requisite to this poem and its understanding...
written something there for you.


P.S. correcting myself in the above comment(lest the love of your editor for the crow diminish!): to tell you the truth

Tania said...

What a beautiful work of art. I am a fan forever!