Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Aubade (or to try and thank someone)

I wanted things to be simple like a sunrise... but that's not the way life is... it's not simple... for if it was I wouldn't have to write what I write... and that's the biggest truth... that all the bullshi* writing and philosophising won't bring back those times of regret and those moments that matter... and that yes... yes... I regret... and all those people who say that they don't regret are full of bullshi*... everyone regrets... otherwise they never really cared for anything other than themselves to begin with... and why won't some people just write and regret... why isn't it just that simple... you're a... ah... ah... never mind... never mind... like how it never rains when you want it to... like it doesn't snow on your sizzling desert... it's only a beautiful sunrise... wishing I was home... wishing I wasn't full of regret... like us all... like sunset.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Newfoundland Fantasy -- fragment

They say that the fair folk once lived among us, but that with the coming of modern technology and a population boom of people they sought quieter realms that exist amongst ours. They say that one of those realms is here, in Ferryland.

When my mother was young there were many who encountered the folk and most all believed in them, but since my generation they've come to be a myth -- there was only myself and one other person who ever claimed to see one, and whenever I told anyone about it they said I imagined it and that those sort of things only happen in tall tales.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Elephant and Castle

Don't you know
how to play chess
or what's e4 --
about a pawn storm,
the King's Indian
or Rui Lopez?

Don't you know anything
of art and war and
why people make a board game of life
when the best game
started with elephants and castles
a thousand years ago?

your hat your
ego at the door.

I can't play around with life anymore.