Thursday, March 27, 2008

Best Newfie jokes come from Newfoundlanders

You just get yourself one of those books of matches with the coat of arms on it and bend up one and light it. Blow that one out and leave the open pack next to something like a gas line. If they get it it'll kill them.


Anonymous said...

What I think,
What I mean,
What I say,
What I believe to say
What you want to hear,
What you do hear,
What you believe to hear,
What you want to understand,
What you understand,
There are ten possibilities that we have difficulties of communication.
But let us try anyway… "

Encyclopaedia of the relative knowledge and absolute

bernard weber (French autor ) that is an extracted of this novel
I hope that my translation will be good


Jon said...

tony... i don't know where you find this stuff but keep it coming... the only fella who doesn't give out an address but a longitude and latitude reading... ah to be french... as always... thanks a lot for your apt and insightful comment... i'm off to look up this bernard weber fella now...